T.D. Germes is a Russian manufacturer of mini-breweries

«Т.Д.» Гермес - производитель пивзаводов

We have been manufacturing food-grade industrial equipment since 2009 and have accumulated sound experience within Rostov region and beyond it. We make tanks & vessels of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. All of our products come with warranties and certificates.

Our company, T.D. Germes LLC, is a production plant that addresses topical issues and delivers viable solutions in brewery domain. This applies to designing the equipment itself and the operation technology for it almost of any capacity and complexity. We deliver both classic standard versions and customer-tailored equipment which will be designed to operate in given process settings and to be fitted in given premises.

Along with this, you can always order exclusive projects, off-standard systems and any turnkey projects from us, and you can order the necessary components and spare parts for the repair or upgrading of units as appropriate.

The extensive experience of our food-grade equipment specialists and our know-hows help us extend not only the range of equipment we produce but also the scope of its use.

To date, we produce full-cycle:

We sell our customers equipment with different production capacities from 100 to 6,000 liters per day, allowing you to use efficiently every ruble they expend in making the neat amount of live beer without excess and shortages.    

Together with the T.D. Germes's brewery purchased you'll get 7 beer recipes and the right to use our "Beer Quarter" registered trademark.

We also provide information support on how to run the brewing business at initial stages.

An owner will enjoy profit from beer-making only if he/she paid due attention to furnishing production lines with all requisite fit-outs and invested in the purchase of high-quality equipment.

The market offers a wide range of appropriate units. Many of equipment items are imported, but there are also worthy manufacturers in the domestic market. It is wrong to assume that process equipment imported is better than equipment manufactured at home: it costs more and does not vary in terms of performance.  All our machines meet current health standards, and you can buy them as separate units or as fully equipped production lines. Our products meet the highest requirements and come with a warranty, which is important for any customer company. T.D. Germes LLC has a large share in the modern Russian market and provides consumers with truly advanced technologies to ensure food-grade plant running.

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