Extra equipment for breweries

All plants supplied by T.D. Germes are ready to operate after the assembly and start-up, but those who want to expand the functions set can expect we'll always offer some extra equipment for them.
For example, the plant is designed to produce live unfiltered beer, and now you need to make filtered beer? Not a problem! With a Kieselguhr filter installed this problem will be swept away!

Kieselguhr filter allows filtering of beer detaining most of the suspended solids and yeast. Filtration allows you to completely lighten the beer and get rid of impurities. Once the Kieselguhr filter is in place, the storage period will be increased to an average of 30 days. This is topical for high-yield plants.
In primary configuration, all our breweries are equipped with a simple keg-filling system that will be sufficient for small breweries of restaurant or industrial type. With large production capacities, semi-automatic systems for washing and keg-filling systems will be very useful.

The semi-automatic washing machine for kegs allows for washing and sanitation procedures to last minimum time. A sterile keg will be the result of such treatment. It's a pretty big deal: a poorly washed keg can lead to lesser shelf life or even spoilage of beer.

Semi-automatic keg-filling machines cuts down keg-filling time considerably.

Most of the equipment in operation in T.D. Germes's breweries is complete with automatic washing systems, but some units still require operator's intervention. If this is not a problem in a small factory, it will take extra time and effort in larger plants.
In such cases, a CIP will help you a lot. With its help you can not only easily clean hard-to-reach places, but also complete disinfectant-assisted sanitary cleaning.

All extra equipment items are not core components of the brewery and allows you to run processes without them. But if used, such items will significantly save time, and hence money, as you know!