Privacy policy

While acting on my own will and in my own interest, when placing (entering) my personal data on the website of T.D. Germes Limited Liability Company (INN 6136017669, OGRN 1096187000051, hereinafter – the Operator), I hereby confirm my consent to Operator's processing of the personal data I have specified for the purposes such as

i) being offered services, new services offered by the Operator,
ii) surveys, questionnaires, advertising and marketing research in relation to the services provided by the Operator, including by making direct contacts with me via the contact details I have specified on this website.
This right (consent) is granted to perform any actions with respect to my personal data that are required and desirable to achieve the above purposes, including, inter alia, the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modifying), use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking and destruction of the personal data, i.e. all the details I have specified on this website.

I hereby confirm that I have been informed that personal data processing is performed by the Operator in any method it may opt for, whether using automation means (including software) or without using automation means (using various data storages, including paper).