Mini-brewery in Salsk


In Salsk, a brewery for 100 l/day has been launched. We produced and put into operation a mini-brewery with a capacity of 100 l/day in summer 2014. It is equipped with a 650 l brewing line and two cylindroconical vessels.
Already in autumn 2014 we installed two more CCVs, thus increasing capacity to 200 litres per day.
Restaurant brewery in Meleuz
Mini-brewery in Azov
Extra equipment

More plants with our equipment

Mini-brewery for 300 liters per day was launched in Krasnodar.
In autumn 2014, we developed, manufactured and put into operation a brewery in the restaurant "Naira" in Mikhaylovka town.
"Beer Quarter" private brewery was opened in Inozemtsevo village in 2014.
Launched a brewery in Krasnodar
"Pivnoy Dom" ("Beer House"), beer restaurant in Astrakhan
In autumn 2014, we produced and launched a brewery in Lermontovo.