Mini-brewery in Yerevan


In autumn 2016, a mini-brewery for 100 liters per day was launched in Yerevan. The brewing line capacity is 650 litres, the fermentation section consists of cylindroconical vessels.
Customers will be able to enjoy the excellent taste of barley, classic, dark and velvet beer.

More plants with our equipment

Mini-brewery for 300 liters per day was launched in Krasnodar.
In autumn 2018, a 200-litre mini-brewery was launched in Yegorlykskaya stanitsa
The equipment allows yielding 2,000 liters of beer per day
In autumn 2014, we produced and launched a brewery in Lermontovo.
Launched a brewery in Krasnodar
"Beer Quarter" private brewery was opened in Inozemtsevo village in 2014.