"Starinny Retsept" ("The Old Recipe") brewery in Labinsk


We launched "Starinny Retsept" private brewery in autumn 2014 in Labinsk.
The 650-litre brewing line and 1,200-litre CCVs made 300 litres of beer per day,
and they left room for extending capacity. In autumn 2015, we installed extra CCVs and increased the beer making capacity to 500 litres per day.
Labinsk residents can try the taste of the well-proven light "Beer Quarter" and exclusive fish of "Starinny Retsept" brewery.

More plants with our equipment

In autumn 2014, we produced and launched a brewery in Lermontovo.
The history of the Samara brewery began in autumn 2014 with a mini-brewery with the capacity of 1,500 l/day.
"Pivnoy Dom" ("Beer House"), beer restaurant in Astrakhan
In Salsk, a brewery for 100 l/day has been launched.
In autumn 2018, a 200-litre mini-brewery was launched in Yegorlykskaya stanitsa
In autumn 2014, we developed, manufactured and put into operation a brewery in the restaurant "Naira" in Mikhaylovka town.
The equipment allows yielding 2,000 liters of beer per day