Questions and answers

Can I visit your plant?

Our plant is located at: 2A Dalnyaya Street, Tselina settlement, Rostov region. You may come and see the plant along with the brewery in operation at any time, just let us know of your visit in advance.

Where can I buy raw materials for a brewery?

Please visit our BrewerShop, the online store where you can learn how to purchase the requisite raw materials. In it, we offer to buy products for all tastes not only to our partners, but also to anyone.
A wide range of products is not limited to brewing products only. In our store, you can buy products and equipment made of stainless steel whether in stock or custom-made under model projects or customer's ad hoc drawings!

Can I buy a brewery on lease?

Yes, you can. We will be happy to help you with the paperwork.

What kind of water is needed for the brewery? Do I need water treatment unit?

Brewing water must comply with the requirements of the Sanitary and Physiological Regulations (SanPiN) and core process instructions for treatment of beer and soft drink making water.
We recommend that you first make a water analysis in a privately held laboratory (the results from the local sanitary and epidemiological station are significantly averaged) and send the results to our specialists to select a high-quality water treatment system.

Can I install a mini-brewery in a residential building?

About accommodation in a residential building: regulatory authorities pose no placement restrictions, but placement of breweries varies from region to region, so we recommend that you check it with your local executive authorities.

What are the brewery space criteria?

Minimum requirements for premises and utility systems for breweries

Brewery capacity Brewing section Fermentation and post-fermentation section Utility spaces Ceiling height Electricity Total area Production time Installation time Training time 
100 liters per day 20 sq. m 6 sq. m Calculated in concert with the customer 3m 380v
45 kW
120 -130 sq. m 55 days 6 days 6 days
200 liters per day 20 sq. m 12 sq. m 3m 380v
50 kW 
120 -130 sq. m 60 days 10 days 6 days
300 liters per day 20 sq. m 18 sq. m 3m​​​​​​​ 380v
50 kWt
120 -130 sq. m 60 days 10 days 6 days
500 liters per day 20 sq. m 30 sq. m 3m​​​​​​​ 380v
50 kW
120 -130 sq. m 60 days 10days 6 days
1000 liters per day 25-35 sq. m 54 sq. m 4m​​​​​​​ 380v
65 kW
180 sq. m 75 days 12 days 6 days
2000 liters per day 35-40 sq. m Calculated case-by-case in view of customer's wishes (equipment may be manufactured and fit in the customer's premises available)
240 sq. m 90 days 14 days 6 days
3000 liters per day 35-40 sq. m 280 sq. m 90 days 14 days 6 days
4000 liters per day 35-40 sq. m 360 sq. m 90 days 14 days 6 days
5000 liters per day 50-60 sq. m 450 sq. m 150 days 25 days 6 days
6000 liters per day 50-60 sq. m​​​​​​​ 450 sq. m 150 days 25 days 6 days
Why a brewery?

To date, beer making is a fairly gainful business (one of the few legal ones) that gives 200-300% profit margins and the opportunity for a sustainable business growth over many years, with the outputs increased several times.

What kind of business is this?

Beer production can be classified either a family business or an investment business.

What is the net cost of a liter of beer?

Beer net cost is intrinsically conditioned by expected brewery outputs, e.g. a liter of beer made in a brewery with a capacity of up to and including 1,000 liters will cost $0.4. Beer from a 2,000 l brewery will cost $0.37.

What is the difference between the "Economy" and "Standard" options?
  Economy Standard
Taps stainless steel ball tap stainless steel butterfly (beer) tap
Brewer's platform + -
Cooling system custom order with expansion margin
Control manual manual and semi-automatic
Water heater outside-mounted floor-mounted stainless steel type
Crusher hammer-type roller-type
Semi-automatic keg washing machine - +
Beer pump (ebara) 1 pc 2 pcs
What components can I save on when buying a brewery?

The brewery cost varies due to components and materials to be used. A brewery may be configured to comply with your wishes and funds.

Please contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to advise you of the equipment to meet your budget without compromising production yields.